Endpoint Security

Your desktop and laptop computers (otherwise known as endpoints) are the most unregulated part of your IT environment and provide a doorway into your network – and your data. Traditional Anti-Virus software just can’t keep up with today’s sophisticated attacks, and ransomware is now a $1 billion industry! By replacing old definition based Anti-Virus software with advanced next-generation machine-learning algorithms, we slam the door shut to known and unknown attacks without constraining your employee’s freedom and productivity.

When you sign up with Switzer Business Solutions today, you can expect:

  • Protection for ALL Your Computers – We can protect your Windows PCs, MACs and Linux computers alike! Even your VDI implementations are covered!
  • Certified & Recognized– Compliant and proven by security industry leaders and verticals. Gartner, NSS Labs, AV-Test, AV-Comparatives, MRG Effitas, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA, to name a few.
  • Guaranteed Client Security – Not only do we stop viruses, worms, and malware before it becomes a problem, we are able to stand behind it with a $1M guarantee, thanks to our partners!
  • Advanced Forensics And Incident Reports – Our reports allow us to tell you exactly how a threat started and what it tried to do on your system. This valuable information can be used to ensure we eradicated it all and educate your users to be sure they can avoid the next one themselves.
  • Fully Managed Anti-Virus Replacement – Our incident response team is watching for threats around the clock and will react immediately to remediate an attack.
  • Ability to Roll Back A Ransomware Attack – With our solution, even ransomware can’t win! All files changed by a ransomware attack can be rolled back to a known good state, without searching for a backup!
  • Un-matched Reliability – What other solution can boast a 100% detection rate and ZERO false positives?

Endpoint protection is essential in any business in Rochester, and to get the right service that’s suited to you, call Switzer Business Solutions today.