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Asterisk 1.8 and FreePBX® CDR reporting issue

Last week, I received a support call from a company that was using FreePBX® version 10 with Asterisk 1.8 on CentOS (basically Elastix) and they had an interesting issue. The call came from a company that installed this system in ...

Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” Experience

Jelly Bean first shipped on Galaxy Nexus 7 tablets, but this hasn't been reviewed since the kind readers haven't bought me one yet. However, on July 16th, the latest Android OS was made available to Google's own Galaxy Nexus phone ...

What’s all the hype about Google Voice?

If you haven’t tried Google Voice, you may be confused as to what Google Talk does vs Google Voice. It seems that if they were re-created now, the names should be reversed - but they’re not. To add to this, ...

Quicktime: Remove it now!

The US Department Of Homeland Security (DOH) and Trend Micro recently announced that Apple will no longer be updating Quicktime for Windows. This news follows the more recent discovery of two major security flaws in Quicktime which both leave your ...

Antivirus: Is your software on your side?

Just recently, a customer brought a computer to me saying that they had a virus and wanted it removed. After taking a look at it, it became evident that the main problem was actually a piece of malware in a ...

Social Media: New venue for the same old scams

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace have added an integrated level of communication that we have not seen before now. Along with the convenience and ease of use comes responsibility to use the technology appropriately.

Aastra Phones Drop Calls After Timeout

Notes Upon installing a few Aastra 6731i phones and a 6755i onto a system that was previously proliferated with Polycom phones of various models, I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of writing provisioning code for the Aastra's and went to town ...

VMWare ESX and Cisco - Trunking and VLANing

Preface After having to configure VMWare ESX and a Cisco switch to allow for bonding multiple NICs together into one big pipe, I decided to write notes about it so I wouldn't have to search the web for how-to's again. ...

Wireless: Are You Secure?

Most people who purchase wireless equipment for their homes never enable even the simplest security options. Without these options enabled, anyone with a laptop and a simple wireless card can use your internet connection from down the street... maybe even ...

Asterisk 1.4 and NVFaxDetect

Notes I was recently working with Justin Newman from Newman Telecom to get NVFaxDetect 1.0.6 working with a customer's Asterisk/FreePBX installation. If anyone needs additional help, our company can assist with this task. The directions below apply to NVFaxDetect and ...


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