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Watch Out For Invoice Emails That Include Encrypted Docs

Hackers have once again pushed the envelope. They’ve again come up with a new way to infect target computers and get around whatever detection software is in place. The latest twist is ...

Some Google Maps Listing Links Sending People To Malware Sites

Each month, hundreds of millions of people rely on Google Maps. It has become the replacement for GPS in most of our cars. We rely on the service for everything from getting ...

Microsoft Word Vulnerability Being Used To Victimize Email Users

Microsoft is taking some heat, thanks to a nasty exploit in Microsoft Word that is being used to install malware on the PCs of unsuspecting users. The exploit was discovered by both ...

Your Data: Securely Encrypted, yet Synchronized Between Computers

Ubuntu One and Dropbox allow you to synchronize your data across computers. They both claim to keep your data “secure”. However, I have customer data that I keep on my computers such as passwords, IP addresses, network topology, etc. All ...

Asterisk 1.8 and FreePBX® CDR reporting issue

Last week, I received a support call from a company that was using FreePBX® version 10 with Asterisk 1.8 on CentOS (basically Elastix) and they had an interesting issue. The call came from a company that installed this system in ...

Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” Experience

Jelly Bean first shipped on Galaxy Nexus 7 tablets, but this hasn't been reviewed since the kind readers haven't bought me one yet. However, on July 16th, the latest Android OS was made available to Google's own Galaxy Nexus phone ...

What’s all the hype about Google Voice?

If you haven’t tried Google Voice, you may be confused as to what Google Talk does vs Google Voice. It seems that if they were re-created now, the names should be reversed - but they’re not. To add to this, ...

Quicktime: Remove it now!

The US Department Of Homeland Security (DOH) and Trend Micro recently announced that Apple will no longer be updating Quicktime for Windows. This news follows the more recent discovery of two major security flaws in Quicktime which both leave your ...

Antivirus: Is your software on your side?

Just recently, a customer brought a computer to me saying that they had a virus and wanted it removed. After taking a look at it, it became evident that the main problem was actually a piece of malware in a ...

Social Media: New venue for the same old scams

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace have added an integrated level of communication that we have not seen before now. Along with the convenience and ease of use comes responsibility to use the technology appropriately.


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